Undiscover Falls at Panilongan Buruanga Malay Aklan

Panilongan Buruanga Aklan. The soothing music of water falls drowns your thoughts to a deepest fantasy.Sometime in summer 1998. Me and my friend went to mountain climbing. Just early in the morning we traced the mountainous path and gave us a very astounding sight just in front of us. 

We followed the stream, we went against it. Sometimes we get to the bank so that we won't get wet. A variety of river fishes and shrimps. Many rocks, caverns, and eerie tress are among the things that satisfies our eyes as one of the adventurous people. It is amazing to know this uncovered in our very eyes. 

There comes the sound that took our attention beside the smooth flow of a stream. I was thinking what it was, it sounds like a group of bees not too far from us. We were afraid then but much to our surprise as I was so curious about the sound that we never heard of before. It was a falls, yes, a water falls. 


It was at first unnoticed since there were many trees surrounded it until we went closer and was open to our naked eyes.That was a great surprise to us! i walked to and fro for amazement. 

The thing which i have seen in the videos and photos is now on our very eyes. So great and untouched. We got sighed for this majestic nature we had first discovered. We named the falls after our " Nakita" which means, found or a Eureka! 

The Nakita falls offers an invigorating experience. And for me its splash can be very soothing, and excellent way to distress my weary mind. This a kind of a meditative approach to cleanse, to relax my thought of a hustle and bustle of daily work.

This is my favorite place to stay on every summer day. Nakita Falls is now on open and you can set your itinerary on your next vacation.