[UPDATED]: Things to do in Motag Living Museum in Malay Aklan

Step up and we will be back to the time that NO ELECTRICITY and NO TOILET! Let's see how many of you will endure the life way back. Experience as it was in Malay before the tourists arrived.

MOTAG MUSEUM is the very first Interactive living Museum in the Philippines

They offers full fun activity to the whole family and even your friends. See the tradional farming methods in actions, try your hand at ploughing, harrowing, plantming, threshing, pounding and then cooking rice and learn their tradional crafts.
This basket is made of  Buri Palm or Corypha  is a genus palms natibve to India, Malaysia and The Philippines New Guinea, North Eastern Australia. They are fan palms with the leaves with along petiole terminating in a rounded fan of numerous leaflets. (Wikipedia)

After your long day of interactive adventure you may buy this at the souvenirs area of Motag Living Meseum and  the money will perish to the eldest people who are working in Motag Living Museum and in their community.

They have Deep well (Balon in Tagalog) Bobon in Akean  approximately 15 feet deep. The whole community would use the  water from the bobon for washing, cooking and bathing.

  • TOURS 10 AM and 2 PM Tuesday to Sunday (CLOSED on Mondays.
  • Minimum of 4 pax per tour and maximum of 60pax per tour. (Please be inform Motag Living Museum if you intend to come. They only open when they have visitors.) 
P700.00 per adult
P300.00 children as above (4-10 years old)
P1,600 Family ticket as above (2 adults + 2 kids)

Local Snacks (8 delicacies)
Lemon Grass Tea
Ginger Tea

Tour Guide
Interactive Activities
Lessons in local crafts
Photo opportunity with actors Carabao and costume
Gift Shop

For more information about Motag Living Museum 

Address: Brgy. Motag Malay Aklan Philippines 5608
Mobile: (63)921-5563111 LOOK for AMY