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Before when I was a Front Office staff in a Hotel/Lodge in Boracay Island Island Philippines for almost 36 months and considering I'm a front liner of the said Hotel/Lodge, I really don't know how's the guest getting their FREE stuff over!

While the checking in the process the guest presented their Hotel Voucher containing their details and seeing how much they paid for their Hotel accommodations right? I am confused on how they get the FREE Rewards points? You also might think how they do it right?

Well, I guess this is the right time to tell you this. This night made me complete about what happened  I got a FREE 1-night stay at Lodge/Inn in Kalibo! (depends on how many points you've to earn using your membership in! I got my PHP 800 REWARD points

First, you need to SIGN UP at! ( SIGN UP HERE ) or you can use your Facebook or Google account.
               Pick where do you want to stay at? I choose KALIBO AKLAN and your preferred check-in and check-out date / how many rooms.
There's a button telling if you want to use your reward points or PAY AT THE HOTEL this new feature of Travel can now pay at the hotel -- NO CREDIT CARD needed if you want to know more about this new offer from the most trusted hotel booking website [click here.]

Proof that I already redeem my rewards via --- From my account history
Better to use your reward points before it will expire. I'm sad to say I still have 89 points but it already expires. Hmmmm.. but don't lose hope travelers.

DID YOU KNOW that you can earn points by reviewing the property after your departure date.

So come on COME ALL! Let's make a habit to book at today!
Book and Book and get your reward points now! 

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