TIBIAO ANTIQUE: How to get to Hot Kawa Bath

Looking for fun and exciting adventure in Western Visayas especially Panay? The town of Tibiao Antique is a newly attraction for both locals and foreign's. Tibiao Antique is geared up  to be an eco-adventure destination. Tibiao, Antique is accessible by land, just a few hours you will be at the famous Boracay (Caticlan), IloIlo and Kalibo Aklan. Experience Hot Kawa Bath.
There's a bus station near Caticlan Jetty port besides SouthWest Tours departure counter. The fare from Caticlan to Tibiao, Antique is from P 111.00 A/C bus approximately 2hours & 20 minutes travel time.  Ceres bus will stop over at Pandan Ceres terminal about 10 minutes for bathroom break = ) Don't worry travelers you still have one last stop over at Culasi Terminal! bathroom break again = ) (I don't use public bathroom) May bayad kase hehehe. "Hindi lang ako nawi-wiwi" 

From here (Brgy. Importante ride habal-habal) it cost a little amount of P70 per person and ask the driver where is the best Kawa Experience. I suggest to Calawag (Kawa) up to 30 minutes ride from the crossing. The driver will stop you at the Tourism officer in Brgy. Importante Tibiao, Antique don't forget to register and paid the necessary fees (P50.00). Upon entering to Calawag (Kawa) they have an Entrance fee of P50.00. You will definitely love the Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao Antque, they have different flavors to choose from (ask for it). For me is the best is coffee flavor. Look for Mr. Flord Nicson J. Calawag (Tourism Officer of Antique).

If you wanted to experience trekking in Antique try to go in Bugtong Bato Falls  and 8 more falls = ) . Try this at morning since 1 hour or more to get there. depends on your walk.You may contact MS. LENETH MARTINEZ at (0946)-7432347 / (0919)-9249164 / (0977)-4708784 for assistance and special arrangements.