First Virtual Reality Games in Boracay

Virtual World Reality Arcade is the first VR in the Philippines and a must see in Boracay Island Philippines  when you visit the famous Island in the world.

It's located at the heart of Station 2, Boracay Island Malay Aklan near Laketown Coco Building next to Cocomangas and above 100 % Coconut Cafe'.

Experience the HIGH - END Virtual Reality Arcade They offer immersive VR experiences/games using the state of the art technology and cutting-edge hardware. (HTC VIVE / GTX1080 GRAPHICS). In case of block out in the area, they have a backup generator set you can still enjoy the games.


Virtual World it's started last April this year (2017) owned and managed by Ms. Kazandra Clavo and Konstantin from Mandaluyong City Philippines.

This VR arcade game is absolutely worth paying for once you step on Boracay Island Philippines.

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Its friendly VR games so don't worry kids this is for you. Ages 5 years old and 17 years of age even adults like me.

I really enjoyed the VR games here and you should too. One of my favorite VR games is "SERIOUS SAM" this game is absolutely a shooter game that needs to kill the aliens if not you will die, but anyway just get your back life (is in the parachute). It's like half an hour playing this game really fantastic.

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They have 18 games in their list so you better pick your favorite game. Here's the some of the game listed below: GET 5 mins FREE DEMO

  • The Blu

  • Waltz of the Wizard

  • To The Top

  • Knock Out League

  • Ricky Martin

  • Tennis Games

  • Shooting Games

  • Carnival Games

  • Super Hot

  • Job Stimulator

  • Fruit Ninja and a lot more

Before heading to Virtual Reality inBoracay. I advise you to call their Mobile no. +63 0956-600-0435 for reservations and bookings or Follow them on Facebook Profile account | or Facebook page

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