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Eco Benefit of Hibiscus Tea
In Boracay Island known because of the pure white sand beach and pristine blue crystal water, dubbed as Asia’s 24/7 Island and also known one of the
“Best Beach in Asia” by Conde Nast Magazine and TripAdvisor’s Top Beach 
in Asia. Since everyone is busy in the Island you didn't know about the advocacy of women's living in the Island. The Amazing Health benefits of Gumamela (Hibiscus) of HERitage The Home of Pinay Boracay seen over CNN Philippines, Boracay Informer and in Boracay Sun newspaper. The Boracay Women Producers Cooperative or BWPC started last 2013.

The first product since they're started (Pinay Boracay) is the Gumamela tea or they called it Gwapamela tea. Boracay's identity flower is now is a healthy slimming flushing drink.

Quick Tip: Choose Calamansi in your Gwapamela tea for a good taste.

Gwapamela tea is made from 100% pure hibiscus flower grown and harvested fresh from the tropical soils of Malay Aklan, Philippines and in your own backyards. The Islander's secret to a beautiful body. Drink this regularly as it's the tea that beautifies you.

Contains Organic Acids to:

1 Promote better skin
2 Helps in weight loss
3 Satiates thirst
4 Relieves menstrual pain
5 Improves digestion
6 Boost Immunity
7 Manage blood pressure
8 Lowers cholesterol
9 Ptotects liver
10 Has anti cancer properties
11 Acts as anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial agent
12 Acts anti depressant agent


Not recommended for
1 Low blood pressure
2 Hypertension
3 Pregnant and fertility period

How's the preparation
Boil water and add tea powder
One (1) teaspoon of hibiscus gwapamela tea powder
for every (1) liter of hot water.
Add ice or let it cools if you want it as cold drink
Sweeten with stevia, honey mascovado or raw brown sugar
Taste great with lemon, kalamansi, lime, oranges and other
flavorful fruits and aromatic herbs.


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Desiree Segovia
Boracay Women Producers Cooperative
Desiree Segovia said (Chairman of Boracay Women Producers Cooperative) "We're here to share it to the world". If you want to experience how they make Eco Cosmetics (Amazing Health and Eco Benefits of Gumamela - Hibiscus} and cooking of food souvenirs you are all welcome to visit the HERitage .
Address: Tambisaan Port, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island Malay Aklan look for (BWPC Store) or you may reach at Facebook Mobile: +63 929 8009764 Bring home Boracay product manufactured by Boracay Women Producers Cooperative. (BWPC)