5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Catanduanes

Virac Catanduanes

Catanduanes is an island located at the easternmost part of Luzon. It is part of the Bicol region and is listed in the top 20 largest islands in the Philippines. It is sometimes called the “Land of the Howling Windsbecause of the number of typhoons that the island experiences in a year. This is due to its geographical position that makes it exposed to the Pacific Ocean. The capital municipality of Catanduanes is Virac, it has one airport and airlines offer 1 flight per day to the province.

Below I listed 5 reasons Why You Should Visit Catanduanes.
If you’re planning to visit the province these coming months, you can check forthe schedule of Catanduanes Reef Break, it is an annual 3 day event held in uraran for the benefit of the locals. The event is a surf, skate and music festival.

Historical Sites 
The topography of Catanduanes is mostly composed of mountains that can entice trekkers, height enthusiast and travelers to visit and trek high places in the province. The scenic views around the island are really breathtaking and it will be much more beautiful if viewed at a summit.One of the famous spots in Catanduanes today is the Binurong Point. People who love to take pictures and are active on their social media will definitely love the picturesque view at the summit as it gives a magnificent 360 view of the island. It will only take at least 20 minutes to reach the summit of Binurong Point. The serene view of the place can definitely heal those with broken hearts.

Catanduanes is also home to one of the best surfing spot in thecountry.Puraran beach which is located in the municipality of Baras, another famous spot in the Island because of its so called “Majestic Waves”. Travelers who are into surfing or maybe wanted to learn how to surf can check this place. So if ever you’re into surfing and partying after, then this is the place for you. If you want to meet new friends from different places or maybe meet your forever, this event might be a good start for your search.
Virac Catanduanes

If you’re not a party aficionado, no need to fret a Catanduanes 
also have historical and pilgrimage sites that you can visit 
which were built during the Spanish colonial era. 

One of the famous historical  sites in the island is the Bato Church, it is built 
from coral limestone and have withstood a countless number of typhoons that 
have come to Catanduanes. It is the oldest church in the province and has 
become a place of pilgrimage for the locals and travelers as well. Catanduanes 
have lots of old churches in each of the municipality.  This can be an opportunity
for you to rejuvenate your faith while you take your mind off of work or stress. 

Festivities (Fiesta)
One of the reasons why I love going back to Catanduanes is because of their 
festivities. Each municipality has a different date on when they celebrate their 
feasts.  From what I learned in Baras (one of the municipalities in Catanduanes 
where my Mom lives), feast usually lasts for 2 days and it will comprise of 
different events like pageants, sports festival, and other activities. 

The best part, everyone will serve food from their houses and if you’re a tourist 
or someone who lives from a different municipality they will invite you into their 
home to eat. I have tried this couple of times, the most memorable was when I 
ate from five different houses in a span of 3 hours. 

Even if your heart is empty and you went to Catanduanes to find peace, at least 
you can be sure that your tummy will not be empty. 

Beaches – as I stated above, Catanduanes is an island exposed to the Pacific, 
and being an island it is surrounded by the sea, you will have lots of beach 
choices to chill, unwind and be carefree. 

Twin Rock, Amenia, Puraran are some of the beaches which you can add to 
your to see list when you visit the island.

Virac Catanduanes

Compared to other popular places in the country, the beach places in
Catanduanes has very few crowd in it especially in the off peak season, which is
good if you want a really calm atmosphere.You can take selfies, profile picture
worthy shots, and background photos for your social media or just something
that you can send to your Ex while saying that you’ve moved on already.

I have given you five reasons to see Catanduanes. I hope you can find the
time to visit the island as it will be much more beautiful if you see and
experience Catanduanes firsthand. Read more about Harrish Tayo