How To Get Tourist Visa for Dubai from Philippines.

A valid tourist visa from Philippines is mandatory before entering United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a destination where many Filipinos to visit, either for work or leisure. Around 22% of the population of Dubai consists of Filipinos and because of the amount of Filipinos population in Dubai, it’s tough to apply for a Dubai tourist visa for Filipino citizen and the chances of getting visa approved is low, owing to incidents of trafficking. And hence it has become mandatory for Philippine’s to have a valid tourist visa to Dubai from Philippines if they want to enter the United Arab Emirates or in any part of it. But, here’s a guide for those who are genuinely looking to come to Dubai, and have a great time enjoying their so many wonderful attractions.

The Types of Visa

Transit Visa – This Visa is for those who travel to different countries on a regular basis.
You can get this visa to Dubai from Philippines for a validity of 96 hours in U.A.E, but there are certain conditions which need to be fulfilled. Before your arrival in UAE, accommodation needs to be booked.

     Visit Visa – From the day of issue, this visa is valid for 60 days. The visa cannot be extended and you’ll need a sponsor who is a resident of U.A.E. to vouch for you and help in further processes if you stay longer.

     Entry Visa Permit – This type of visa is good for one entry, and the validity is for 14 days. Again, you can’t extend the days.

     Tourist Visa – This visa requires sponsors information and the validity is of 30 days. However, the advantage of this type is, you can extend for another 10 days depending on the situation in which you are visiting. And since, Dubai has a large Filipino population, there’s good chance tourist have a close relation residing in U.A.E.

Long-Term Visa – The validity of this visa is for 90 days. However, you need a sponsor such as a friend or family who are already residing in UAE.

For the application of visa for Filipinos, these are some of the valid sponsors

     Travel Agencies – Some local travel agencies in Dubai or Philippines can help you get sponsorship.

Airline companies – Few airline companies like Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Emirates can also help with some fees of course..

     Hotels – If you prefer a particular hotel, then there are some in Dubai who can help you with the visa application, with the condition that you stay with them when you are in Dubai.

     Relatives and Friends – If you’ve got friends or relatives who are either a resident of UAE or have a valid work permit, then they too can help you with your visa application.

Philippines Immigration  Requirements for UAE Visit Visa

Passport – You must have a valid passport of around 6 months before it expires. Many people overlook the validity date and end up getting rejected. Please make sure it well within the validity period.

     Bank approval letter – If your visa is processed by either friend or relative (residing in UAE) or processed by a travel agency, then a letter of approval is required from your bank. This is relatively simple to get and banks are more than helpful in providing it.

     Passport-size photograph – Its mandatory to submit passport-size photographs and they must be current one. Make sure your whole face is visible in the picture, and don’t smile in the picture.

     A confirmed flight booking copy – This is for those who buy a package from an agency, which includes accommodation, flight booking and visa application. You can also provide a copy of your itinerary.

     If visiting a relative – A letter with complete detail, such as invitation for a visit, host’s full name, address and phone number, relationship between the host and the applicant, the host willing to accept full responsibility of the applicant during the applicants stay in UAE, duration and reason of stay must be mentioned. A copy of the hosts passport and residency permit is also required. The host must be a close relative, and not a very distant one.

If visiting an organization – A letter with complete information such as the organizations name, address, phone number and taking full acceptance of the applicant along with official letter must be mentioned. A copy of the organizations license in the UAE is also required.

Dubai Visa Application Requirements – These are some of the documents for Dubai visa application requirements.

     Not mandatory, but a confirmed air ticket copy must be submitted. A copy of your return air tickets must also be submitted, which acts as proof of your intent to return back.

     A copy of the first and the last page of passport which must be scanned.

     A copy of passport size photographs. These must Be high quality scans.

If you’re looking to stay for a short period of time in UAE (14 days), then it is best advised to choose the entry visa permit. However, it takes around 3 days to get your visa approved and a charge for Dubai visit visa fee is around 6000 pesos. The chances of getting a visa for a short period of time for first time travelers are much greater. But please note that, a tourist visa does not allow anyone to work in the U.A.E.

Guest Blogger: Shivam Khandelwal