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Herbal tea is made by steeping or boiling herbs, which is an infusion made from plants except Camellia sinensis, and also to fight if you have cold and flu this rainy season. Flower tisanes, for example, rose, hibiscus, lavender and chamomile are generally used for making herbal teas. Herbal teas contain some herbs that are toxic in nature and can cause major health hazards such as liver problems.

Here are some other teas you can drink to fight cold and flu this rainy season.

White Tea - Like green tea, it destroys pathogenic bacteria in your body. 
The antioxidant properties of white tea neutralize the free radicals of the body, which can otherwise damage your organs.

Reduces the risk of premature ageing, and keeps your skin healthy and youthful. Could be beneficial in preventing cancer, just like green tea. White tea leads to a decreased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and oral problems. The antibacterial properties strengthen your immunity. It also helps in weight loss and weight management.

Teas made with lemongrass - ginger, lemon balm, sage, or lemon verbena serve as antiviral sore-throat soothers.

Elderberry Tea - These small fruits and flowers are very effective in making you strong and healthy. They are packed with many nutrients and antibiotic properties. The flowers and berries of black elderberry both have immune boosting properties and are highly nutritious. Furthermore, elderberries are great for curing flu and cold.

Licorice Root Tea - The benefits are: softened stools, anti-inflammatory properties (appreciated by those suffering from Arthritis), coats/protects the lining of the stomach (but can prevent absorption of some medications), it is an expectorant (helps you cough gunk out of your lungs), can ease depression (like St. John’s Wort), can prevent plague build up in blood vessels, can neutralize toxins in liver (used to treat hepatitis), and is reported to be antispasmodic. It also has a sweet taste, and many drink it just for the flavor. It is only recommended to drink up to 3 cups a day this herbal tea is best used as a remedy just while you're sick with the flu.

Echinacea TeaThe echinacea needs to be taken the moment you feel a cold coming on, because then you can shorten the length of your cold. It helps your immune system fight it off faster.

Elderberry - is a very good plant that can help in supporting your winter matter from where you grab your elderberries, whether from the grocery store or from the wild plants outside, elderberries will surely become your natural remedy and medicine once you try them. I also eat a lot of chicken soup, and alternate that with pure bone broth, which also helps your immune system. Depending on how bad it is, I might even boil some water on the stove and inhale the steam to clear my sinuses.

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