Why everyone's loved to stay in Boracay Island Philippines?

Why everyone's loved to stay in Boracay Island Philippines?

Boracay, Island Philippines - Tourists loved Boracay Island Philippines for many reasons, People are so friendly, very hospitable, people are so productive and they loved what they're doing. In one word "People are so amazing"Filipinos has charming qualities that other people from around the globe admire. Hospitable, family-oriented , religious, these are just some of the examples that best describes us. We are also known for being able to handle tough situations and even smile through it. That's why our catchphrase is “It’s more fun in the Philippines” .

Most of the travelers wants to stay near the beach highly recommended to book your hotel in Alamo Bay Inn Boracay located at Station 2 near CRAFTS Supermarket and 2-3 minutes of walk to white sand beach, very close to main road, D'Talipapa, DMall, DMall Palengke and more establishments. Search here for Best hotels in Station 2 for PHP 1,000 per night.

I suggest book your hotel near Station 2, very close to bars, D'Mall market, Talipapa, Hospitals ATM machines, fine dine-in's, fast food chains (newly opened Jollibee at the Main road).

Water sports activities are also available in Boracay Island in very reasonable prices. Also, you can do a spa massage after the long and tiring walk.

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That's why I fell in-loved in Boracay and everyone's loved to stay in the Island , dubbed as the Top Tourist Destination and Best Beach in Asia, I'm honored and proud that I'm living in the Island. For the information to everyone I'm living in the Island for 5 years now still loved it, you should too.

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