FOOD TRIP: 5 Best Filipino Comfort Foods to eat this Rainy season

best filipino comfort foods
I love to eat almost all the time as eating delicious food boost my mood. Check out my 5 Best Filipino Comfort Foods to eat this rainy season.

Tokwa't Baboy
Photo Courtesy: Insauga
Goto is a type of rice porridge with innards of either pig or chicken. You can also add hard boiled egg and betamax (grilled chicken blood). It is best served with Tokwa’t Baboy (fried tofu cubes with boiled pork pieces) on the side. Goto is very famous in the Philippines because it is affordable (for as low as 10 pesos) and can satisfy hunger. You will not have a hard time looking for this dish because it’s sold in street, public places or even in shopping malls. Try it out, especially during rainy season, this will be your rainy day comfort food and I’m sure you will love it too.


This Filipino - Chinese noddle soup is a popular comfort foods this rainy season, which are mostly composed of meat and noodles, you can also try to add some vegetables, onion leaves, fried garlic on the top, shredded chicken, pork chicharon It implies that this is chicken lomi. You can also try beef or sea food lomi. 

Photo Courtesy Pinoy Food Delight
It's pretty much chicken noodle soup but with rice in place of the noodles. This recipe has ginger in it as well which makes it perfect for sore throats,colds and best for rainy days.

Photo Courtesy Hungry Huy
Beside from oat meals, champorado (porridge with chocolate) is one of my favorite and very easy to prepare (easy as cooking rice) and served with evaporated milk and add some sugar. Best Filipino Comfort Foods to eat this rainy season and breakfast.

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