TOP 10 Best Things To Do in Dubai

Here's the 10 Best Things to do in Dubai
Are you ready for the 10 best things to do in Dubai? We’re not just going to list landmarks for you. This time we’re going to focus on actual ten things that you can do and enjoy in Dubai, as in adventurous activities that we know you will enjoy a great deal. Right from skiing in the world’s largest manmade ski resort to enjoying helicopter rides, there’s no end to the things you can do in Dubai. So what’re you waiting for, come on, pack your bags and come with us on a tour of the 10 best things to do in Dubai! 

1.       Skiing
One of the top things to do in Dubai is to ski the fantastic slopes in Ski Dubai, the largest indoor ski park located in the Emirates Mall. Ski Dubai has several slopes of varying lengths and difficultly, perfect for any kind of skier – beginner to expert. There’s a 400 foot long diamond run, the longest in the world. There’s an ice cave for kids and a penguin park as well. Ski Dubai is maintained at -2 constantly to keep the environment perfectly icy.


2.       Renting a Yacht
You can rent a yacht with skipper and crew for a cruise around Dubai and nearby countries. All kinds of yachts are available for rent – right from regular-sized ones to the truly expensive, stupendously big super yachts that belong to millionaires and billionaires. Imagine proposing to your lady in the middle of the ocean on a super yacht! The sort of memories it would create! Dubai with its expensive yachts and expensive hobbies is the place where you can indulge a desire to go yachting. There’s a yacht club at Dubai Marina where you can study billion-dollar yachts lined up along the waterline. YachtRental Dubai is one of the latest and most exciting adventures on offer in this fabulous city.


3.       Enjoying a Desert Safari
There’s no end of fun for the adventurous type in Dubai. One of the most adventurous things to do in Dubai is going on a desert safari. You can depart early in the morning to the desert to catch the views of the stunning sunrise, or enjoy a more relaxed evening safari in and enjoy drinks, dinner and entertainment in the welcome Bedouin tent along with the usual desert sports of dune bashing, dune driving, quad biking, sand boarding and more. The highlight of an evening desert safari is the blissful sunset. You can sign up for an overnight safari and spend the night under the stars as well.


4.       Taking a Helicopter Ride
Sign up for a helicopter tour to get intimately introduced to the city of Dubai and its many glittering landmarks and attractions. Riding a helicopter over Dubai is probably the best way to see all of it at once. It’s a different experience entirely, whether you’re riding over the desert or over the city. Can you imagine getting close up to the Burj Khalifa from the top, and hovering near the magnificent building? Incomparable experience. Flying over the Dubai Fountains gives you a totally different perspective of the 35-acre Burj Lake and the shooting jets of coloured water from the fountain. From that height, it all looks terribly magical. Taking a helicopter ride over Dubai is one of the top things to do in Dubai.

Helicopter-Ridei in-Dubai

5.       Going on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
The best way to take in the magnificence of the desert is via hot air balloon. You’ll be able to capture the essence of the desert, encapsulate its glory from high above. The breezes are ecstatic up there, as you flow in your hot air balloon. Enjoy your aerial view of the spectacular vista below you – the dunes, the wadis, the oases, the craggy peaks and the flora and the fauna. Don’t forget to take a telephoto lens to capture some close-up pics!


6.       Celebrating on a Dhow Cruise
Cruising the many water bodies of Dubai on a fully-renovated, decorated-to-the-nines dhow is a definite high. Whether you’re cruising on the Dubai Canal, the Dubai Creek or the Dubai Marina, a dhow cruise is fun, exciting, entertaining and the food is simply gastronomic. After welcome cups of Arabian coffee, you’ll be entertained by belly dancers and Tanura dancers. Henna artists will draw fine patterns on your hands and feet with soothing henna paste. After a fine intercontinental dinner, you can sit back with a shisha pipe, enjoying the views from the fully glassed-in sides of the dhow.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai

7.       Enjoying Yourself On Kite Beach
The Kite Beach is this long stretch of white sand, located off Jumeirah Road. It is a clean beach, where you can participate in a number of activities. You can play soap football, go kite surfing, play beach tennis and volleyball and even go kayaking. The beach is provided with Wi-Fi, showers, toilets and tons of food trucks and cafes. What’s more, it is probably the best place in Dubai to get some great pictures of the Burj Al Arab.

Kite Beach in Dubai

8.       Enjoying tea at Arabian Tea House
The Arabian Tea House is set under a grand old tree. White wicker chairs, lovely turquoise benches and plenty of flowers create a lovely refuge. The café is located in the courtyard of what used to be an old pearl merchant's house. Sit back and enjoy a few Emirati dishes including chicken majboos (spicy casserole with rice), raqaq (traditional bread) and more. Eating something here is a tradition when you’re in Dubai.

Arabian Tea House in Dubai

9.       Taking A Big Bus Tour
One of the best ways to see all of Dubai is to take the big bus tour. The bus tour is ingenious; it stops at every landmark, where you can hop off and explore on foot. You can take as much time as possible for your foot exploration, and catch the next bus on the same line to continue on with your tour. The big bus tour is very popular in Dubai as a sightseeing tour. The best part is, you can take your time exploring Dubai, and spend an entire day sightseeing without worrying about transport.

Big Bus in Dubai

10.   Walking Down JBR
Jumeirah Beach Walk is a sea-side boardwalk that runs for a few kilometres, where you can stroll, shop and dine. This buzzing beachside boulevard is home to array of fashion, boutiques and handicraft shops. There’s the shopping attraction Sauce-on-sea, a regional designer boutique and several international retailers. There are several delightful outdoor pop-up markets which sell jewellery, homewares, food titbits and more. Street entertainers perform here and there and the adjacent open-air cinema has always got something interesting on. Expensive yachts are moored by the water pier, and you’ll find a number of expensive cars parked at the JBR Walk.

Jumeirah Beach Walk in Dubai

Dubai is like a never-ending bag of magical tricks; the fantasy goes on and on, for as long as you want it to last. There are delights one after the other in Dubai for every age. Pack your bags today and enjoy the latest delights Dubai has to offer. You’ll be back for more soon. 

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