Finding Jewels in the Underwater at Pescador Island, Cebu Philippines

(Cebu, Philippines) - When we initially planned for a trip in Pescador Island in Moalboal, Cebu, we did not expect too much...BUT when we finally took the tour, we DEFINITELY got an experience of a lifetime!

It was summer break, and we would like to arrange for a travel treat for our kids. We heard that Island hopping was something we could do since our family loves the seas. We chose the Pescador Island of Moalboal because we heard it had such diverse marine life.

Before the Trip...

For optimum fun, it is good to prepare the essentials before you go for the Island hopping at Pescador Island. We brought these: rash guard, sunscreen, snorkel, bread,  GoPro Camera, bottles of water and snacks.

With the summer heat for a couple of hours, you would  need much protection, thus the rash guard and sunscreen. In addition, snorkels are important since you do not want to miss out the underwater spectacles of this island. Also, the bread crumbs are used as feed for the fishes. Fishes will flock to you, and THAT would be an overwhelming scene. Further, it is a must to capture your activities and experiences in the waters of Pescador, therefore an underwater cam, such as GoPro, is a necessity. Finally, during stopovers in the boat, you have to hydrate and enjoy some nibbling, thus, drinking water and snacks would be helpful.

Booking the Travel Operator

Months before, we went to the North, to Bantayan Island. And, we booked a tour operator that arranges our private transportation, boat tickets, resort and tours. We have found them to be reliable. So, once again, for our tour in the South, we contacted Travel Cebu.  We just wanted hassle-free travel. And, Travel Cebu is expert on giving us the best Cebu tour package.

Going to Moalboal, Cebu

We were picked up at our condominium in Cebu City at 5:00 am. With me were my husband, and our two kids- a 9-year old son and a 10-year old daughter. An SUV (Toyota Innova) which looked new, a driver (named Daryl), and a guide (named Earl) came in front of our place.

Moalboal is a 3-hour drive from Cebu City. It is a municipality in the south of Cebu that houses great beaches with rich biodiversity. Moalboal is where Pescador Island lies. Pescador Island derives its name from the Spanish word "Pescador" which means "Fishermen" in English. This is apparently because fishes are abundant in the myriad of coral reefs in that island.

We finally arrived in Moalboal and were brought to a mini food stall or locally known as "carinderia". My husband and I drank coffee, while our kids had "Milo" (a chocolate drink, similar to "Ovaltine"). Then we ate our breakfast there. We ate rice, eggs, and corned beef- the usual Filipino breakfast.

We then headed to the center that provided the orientation for swimmers and divers of Pescador Island. There was an environmental fee. Luckily for us, Travel Cebu made the necessary payments, such as environmental fee and boat fee, on our behalf.

Snorkeling in Pescador Island

Now, we rode on a "motorized" boat. In about 10 minutes after, we had our first stop.  With our snorkels ready, we plunged in the waters. What awaited us was beyond our wildest imagination - the most wonderful diving spot so far!

Finding Nemos and Dorys

The best thing about our family is all of us can swim and dive moderately well. So, the time we dipped into the underwater world, we just swam and dove our way, while EXTENSIVELY enjoying the view: the expansive arrays of corals, diverse species of fish, sea anemone and other sea plants and creatures!

Nemo and Dory, and their kinds, were there! You are brought to their world, like that in the movies, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Children would surely love the sightings! We were all smiling and taking pictures while feeding the fishes and while diving in the magnificent underwater background.

Catching Up with Sea Turtles

Then, we were taken to the next stop. It was said that sea turtles would be sighted there. It had deeper waters. Also, what appeared to be a cliff was found there. Licensed scuba divers could be seen in the farther, bottom part. Little bubbles were popping up from the divers.

Our boat guides were master hunt-ers of the sea turtles, commonly called "pawikan". And true enough, few minutes after, they found one. The sea turtle was really huge and could swim swiftly. Our son was a competitive diver that he swam after the turtle so he could take a video up close.

Stunned by the Sardine Run

The final spot was the famed Sardine Run. We were excited to get ahold of the tiny sardines that lump together for swift movements to the west or the east. We had only seen that on the photos.

However, personally encountering the Sardine Run was one of the best experiences we've ever had. There were billions of sardines, and they were able to strategically move in large groups. We could feel and smell them.

The current in the area was really strong. Thus, the boat guides called on us because we were already far off from our boat. We left, feeling satisfied by our Pescador Island tours.

Going Back...

In the house where we rented the boat, we were able to order our lunch. We had fish soup, grilled, fresh fish, and of course, rice. Also, fresh coconut juices (gotten straight from their homegrown trees) were served to us. It is such a pleasure to eat those dishes while overlooking the seas!

After lunch, we headed back to the city. We were exhausted but we surely had THE best snorkeling/diving experience! Truly...jewels are hidden in Pescador Island...waiting for us to have our mouths gaped and eyes widened at full amazement at them!

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