Garin Farm is a 14-hectare island resort in the town of San Joaquin Iloilo with a distance of 53.5km away from Iloilo City Proper.

Garin Farm Iloilo City

The resort is beautifully designed for every one built-in with good customer service and amazing amenities waiting for you with your family and friends.

The resort will also give you a delightful experience of farm, leisure, and pilgrimage-together These three will tie up to become your most beautiful stay and unforgettable travel experience only in Garin Farm Inland Resort."My home is in heaven. I’m just passing through this world.” - Billy Graham

Upon entering Garin Farm, a long green vegetable tunnel will be your first sight. On the sides are different farm animals they take care of. Experiencing Garin Farm with my SFC Santolan-Greenpark Chapter family.

After a long tunnel of green vegetables, you can see a pond at the center of Garin Farm, wherein it offers activities such as zipline.

There is also doves' cage near the pond, so when all of them are flying, it was really fun to watch. After a not-so-long walk and sight-seeing.

You can also try the pilgrimage and experience heaven afterward. Gate to Garin Farm Pilgrimage. As you climb take time to stop and meditate on different scenes of  Christ’s life. Pray and feel God's holy presence.

Reaching the top was not that easy but a very satisfying moment for us, as we finally reached the inspiring Divine Mercy Cross and seeing the big image of the Divine Mercy was a great relief. One of the glimpses is when you enter a very dark room.

It recalls our challenges, dark times in life, and the moments when we don't know where's the light anymore.

Praise God! As the light appears and the tunnel takes you toward the light and into heaven. HEAVEN ON EARTH! The place is so bright that we could hardly open our eyes.

I had to shield my eyes from it until my eyes adjusted to the brightness. The light-filled me with the rapture of love, peace, and joy, it was so intense and so beautiful.

There are angels blowing their trumpets who stand beyond the gate of heaven as you can see the Throne of Light and Glory. Heaven is so beautiful, my heartfelt very peaceful.

How to get there

Direction: From Iloilo International Airport: Take the Shuttle Bus going to SM City, IloiloFrom SM City, Iloilo, take the SM Manduriao jeepney and take a stop at the nearby intersection under the overpass and ride the Oton bound jeep going to the jeepney terminal located in Mohon, Oton.

In Mohon Oton Terminal, there will be several San Joaquin jeepneys ready to take you to GarinFarm for PHP60.00.

From Iloilo City Proper: Take the San Joaquin bound jeepney from Super Terminal, Iloilo City.

You can also take buses going to Anini-y or Dao Antique in Molo Terminal. Tell the bus driver conductor to drop you off in San Joaquin. From San Joaquin Town Proper: Take a tricycle ride and tell the driver to take you to GarinFarm, Brgy. Huna.

Brgy. Huna is a 2-minute ride from San Joaquin town proper. For Private Transportation: San Joaquin is the last town in the southern part of Iloilo Driving along Iloilo-Antique National Road would get you in San Joaquin in about an hour.

There will be signage and billboards directions along the highway going to Garin Farm to guide you.


Bring umbrellas, hats,  sunblock, shades and other protection you can against the sun. However, I suggest better to go there as early as possible before noontime. Noontime would be so hot. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated while climbing the stairs going to the Divine Mercy Cross. Bring an extra budget if you plan to try their leisure activities.

The entrance fee is not consumable. Enjoy the scenery

ENTRANCE FEE: PHP150.00 per person excluding children 1-year-old senior citizen discount; applicable to cardholders only. Strictly no outside food and drinks allowed.) Food and drinks available in the pavilion.

From the entrance, you can walk going up to the pavilion and explore the agricultural products along the way ( just bring your umbrella).

For those who can’t afford to walk under the heat of the sun, you can take a ride in the Golf Cart (3 pax/ride)
  • Entrance to Pavilion is PHP60.00

  • Pavilion to Cross: PHP90.00

  • ACTIVITIES AND AMENITIES:Executive Conference Room (15-20 pax): PHP2,500.00

  • Hilltop Swimming Pool – PHP80.00

  • Hilltop Horseback Riding – PHP60.00

  • Biplane (300 meters -2 rounds)

  • Sitting -PHP250.00 and Superman PHP350.00

  • Hilltop Boating: (Single Kayak -PHP40.00; Double Kayak – PHP90.00

  • Pedal Boat-PHP90.00

  • Rubber Boat – PHP120.00)

  • Hilltop Fishing: PHP30.00/kilo

  • Billiard: PHP60.00/hour

  • Restaurant Canteen WiFi Access Laundry Service24-Hour Security24-Hour ElectricityROOM RATES:

  • Family Room: PHP3,500.00

  • Twin Room: PHP2,500.00

  • Single Room: PHP 1,500.00***Extra Bed: PHP350.00 with breakfast; PHP250.00 without breakfast.
Available for Family and Twin Rooms only and limited to 2 extra beds.*** Check-in guests have complimentary breakfast and free use of the hilltop pool.

For inquiries and reservations please contact Garin Farm San Joaquin Telephone Number: + 63 033 314 75 55 Mobile Number: + 63 916 667 6851 or visit their Facebook Page:  Website:

Author: Princess Dulaca

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