Top 5 Travel Tips for Non - Travelers by : Ugly Writer

You've worked your ass off in that dead-end 9-5 job. You're finally earning what you deserve. You've been checking out The Blogger Philippines and other travel blogs you love in hopes of finding that one great adventure you've been waiting for. So now that you can, what's holding you back?

Here are TOP 5 Travel Tips for Non-Travelers:

1. For Out of the Country Travel, make sure your passport is at least three months before expiration. If cutting it short, apply online and choose express (for an additional fee).

2. Whether Domestic or International adventure, always have enough budget with you. You may never know when you'll need it the most and there is no money exchange centers or ATMs around.

3. Don't buy new gadgets for your trip unless you have to. The best camera is what you currently have. Phones models from a year or two can still be very useful in lieu of DSLRs and point and shoot.

4. Pack the necessities in order. Marie Kondo your luggage and bring only what you will really need. Don't bring that gimbal when you have a portable monopod with legs. It saves space and it doubles as a tripod.

5. Don't forget that you are there to unwind (alone or with a loved one). You don't have to spend every minute recording everything or else you will miss out on things that truly matter. You are not there to vlog. Be considerate to your partner (or group) unless they are into it.

Author: Roel Umali Hernandez

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