Masasa Beach is a hidden paradise in the municipality of Batangas. There are white sands, crystal clear water, and amazing views. Beach is known for big turtles, beautiful corals, and colorful fish, which you can see by swimming. People are super friendly without a doubt about it. This is a great experience for who are looking for a budget trip and want to feel like in paradise.


How to get there

From Manila, you go by bus to the Grand Terminal in Batangas City. The fare is P120 – P180. Travel time is about two hours, depends on traffic.

From Grand Terminal you have to take a jeepney (public transportation in the Philippines) to Anilao Port or Talaga Port. You will have to pay P37, travel time is about 40 minutes.

The next step is to board a passenger boat directly to Masasa Beach ( will cost P100). Travel time maybe 40 minutes or 1 hour. Remember that the boats to Masasa Beach are few, you must find out in advance about the schedule.

Where to stay

You could be surprised that there are no resorts. The most popular choice for tourists was camping, but starting with March 2019, overnight camping is not allowed.

Bye the way, the local government encourage the tourists to choose home-stay and transient houses. In last years these houses have multiplied, now you have a choice of many options where to live.

For example, Sea lovers' place, Tres Marias transient house, Bebe Gella’s Transient House, MJ Squared Transient House, Nanay Rosie Transient House, Ate Lisa Transient House, Carmen and Ruben, Tita Ebeth Transient House, Teacher Benny and more.

What to do

Masasa Beach is a destination with a lot of interesting activities, besides swimming and tanning. Here is a list of a variety of activities to suit everyone.

This entertainment is the best choice for those who are looking for adventures and want remarkable emotions. If you will decide to go, you will have an amazing bird's-eye view of the beach and other islands around you. Just hire a tour guide (for 100 pesos) and hike to Mag-Asawang Bato.

If you are lucky to have good weather, you will have the possibility to see Puerto Galera, Mt. Gulugod Baboy, and even as far as Occidental Mindoro.


Snorkeling in Masasa is very popular, due to all different aquatic species. Just a few meters from the beach and about 5 meters deep, you will be able to explore the beauty of the aquatic world.

Island Hopping

Island hopping is a great experience and possibility to explore new wild islands. This entertainment is most preferred by tourists who want more new emotions. You can rent a small board (1500 pesos) for 5 people. You will be informed about the travel destinations at the start of the trip.

Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is a popular sport all around the world. Also, it is an awesome way for those who want adrenaline. If you are this kind of person, you are lucky, because, after the lagoon, there is a rock formation called the Tawil Rock.

Tips for tourists

• The best time to organize a trip to Masasa Beach is from October to June.
• You will not worry about the mobile signal.
• Do not forget to have cash.
• If you do not like the crowd, try to avoid the weekend.
• You must have comfortable shoes for walking.
• To save for snorkeling, just bring your own snorkeling gear.
• To save for food, you can buy produce near Anilao Port or Talaga port and cook it at your homestay.

An example of an itinerary for one day.

05:00 am

Take a bus from Manila to Batangas Grand Terminal

08:00 am

The arrival in Batangas Grand Terminal

08:40 am

Go to Anilao Port by jeepney

10:00 am

The arrival in Anilao Port. You will have time to buy food and drinks

10:30 am

Boat to Masasa.

11:30 am

The arrival in Masasa Beach and find your accommodation

03:00 pm

Just relax, swim and beach bum

06:00 pm

Go to your homestay, eat.

9:00 pm