Would you spend $50M +++ to travel in space this 2024?

ISS = (International Space Station) could be your next travel destination, Have you thought about going to space or out of this world when you was a kid?

Well, soon you'll be might get a chance to visit Earth's atmosphere. According to Washington Post. Once you're there your cost per night will be $35,000 includes of foods, communication and storage. You'll be able to stay up to 30 equivalent earth days.

This project of NASA cost $50 million this not an all expense this could be much higher.

We're going to the moon to stay by 2024 #Moon2024

Travel to and from space will handled by two private companies (Boeing and SpaceX) this will cost another $10 millions more for the flight.

Are you gonna stay for a night or up to 30 equivalent earth days? Leave a comment and I'll love to hear it.